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Supporter takes on running challenges so cancer can be caught early

Having raised over £4,000 from previous events supporter Rick Wilmott from Bedfordshire is taking on The Big Half Marathon on 3 Sept and then the Vitality 10k on 24 Sept.
rick wilmott big half and vitality 10k

Having raised over £4,000 from previous events supporter Rick Wilmott from Bedfordshire  is taking on The Big Half Marathon on Sunday 3 September and then the Vitality 10k on Sunday 24 September along with his sister Kristie Wilmott and friend Sam Bridge.

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre provides life changing CT, MRI and PET/CT scans used to diagnose and monitor mainly cancer but also other serious conditions. Money raised through the golf day will be used to make sure patients can benefit from leading edge scanning equipment and furthers medical research into cancer and other conditions.

Rick said “I am running the Vitality 10k and The Big Half marathon, both within a month. I must be mad! It is for a fantastic cause. Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is a charity close to my heart as not only did they look after my dad before he passed away, but they are also looking after my mum. Nothing like keeping it in the family! Speaking of family, whilst I will be running the Big Half on my own, I will be joined by my sister and a family friend for the Vitality 10K. Here’s hoping we can raise some much-needed funds for the charity on these two challenges!

Any money raised will go towards providing very high-quality, next-generation cancer imaging services at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, located at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood. The scanner centre operates as an independent medical charity and is a recognised centre of excellence and world leader in CT-MRI and PET-CT imaging for cancer. 

You can support Rick at

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