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Pass on something wonderful

Leaving a gift in your Will allows us to take patient care to the next level, driving long-term improvements in cancer care.
Leave a legacy - Remember A Charity

Leaving a gift in your Will allows us to take patient care to the next level, driving long-term improvements in cancer care.

“Legacy donations are absolutely essential to our mission to provide patients with high-quality equipment and programmes that bring about long-term changes for cancer patients,” says Caroline Wren, who has looked after legacy fundraising at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre for many years. She said: “Legacy donations have a profound effect on what we are able to do for patients, whether it is funding clinical research or upgrading our equipment which can mean a faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis. Caroline cites two recent examples where legacy donations have made a difference to cancer patients at the centre and beyond.

Cancer imaging research

“We received a large legacy donation a number of years ago which our trustee board used to fund a joint research fellowship programme with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

The programme investigated how in particular whole-body MRI scanning can improve cancer diagnosis and treatment, leading to new approaches for monitoring breast cancer.

New MRI scanner

One of our MRI scanners is due a replacement as part of our mission to give patients access to the best possible facilities. We launched a very successful fundraising drive in the community, however it was thanks to a legacy donation that we were able to conclude our fundraising target of £1.3million, paving the way for the new scanner. Caroline said: “These examples involve very large legacies, however any legacy — big or small — will be invested in improving the future of cancer treatment and our patients. Please remember us when making or updating your Will.”

Consider leaving a legacy

We know many of you have recently been reflecting on the things that matter the most – family, friends and the causes close to your heart. Many have also been reminded of the value of planning for the future in order to look after the things you care about most. After taking care of your family and friends, even a small amount can make a huge impact. A gift in your Will could help us improve cancer diagnosis, monitoring and treatment for generations to come. This is the perfect opportunity to consider passing on something wonderful by leaving a gift in your Will. This year, we’re encouraging everyone to learn more about the power of Wills through a film made with, and starring, The Wombles. Watch the new episode at To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, visit get-involved/gifts-in-your-will

‘A token of my gratitude’ Roger Gillespie explains why he decided to leave a gift to Paul Strickland Scanner Centre in his Will.

“I was treated with radiotherapy at Mount Vernon by Paul Strickland in 1976, prior to an operation to remove my right shoulder and the fibro-sarcoma attached to it. Forty-three years on I am still grateful to Paul Strickland and the talented surgical team who undoubtedly saved my life. “Ever since I became aware of Paul Strickland Scanner Centre and the vital role donations play in the centre’s mission many years ago, I have tried to support the centre’s work, simply as a token of my gratitude.”

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