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MRI project completed

Scanner Centre upgrade brings artificial intelligence revolution to Mount Vernon.

Scanner Centre upgrade brings artificial intelligence revolution to Mount Vernon.

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre in Northwood has completed an ambitious upgrade of its MRI service with the installation of the second new MRI scanner in less than a year.

The new scanners are equipped with highly advanced new software and bring the artificial intelligence revolution currently sweeping medicine to Mount Vernon.

The two new Siemens Magnetom Sola 1.5 scanners produce higher resolution images than the models they replace — which can mean referring doctors receive a more detailed information about a patient’s cancer. Faster image acquisition times could allow the centre to scan more patients than previously on any given day, improving access to its high-quality, award-winning service. In addition, the new scanners will allow staff to scan more people who have had implants, such as metal hips, than currently.

Additionally, both scanners feature a wider scanner opening, which benefits patients with claustrophobia.

The new scanners are also an excellent choice for whole-body MRI scans, an area where Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is the global leader, having performed more scans of this type than any other centre.

In addition to the impressive hardware improvements, the new scanners feature very advanced new software, which compound the advantages inherent in the new equipment. Mr Will McGuire, Deputy Superintendent for MRI at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, said: “When you put together the better hardware and new software, you are looking at drastic scanning time reduction, with better image quality.”

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre operates as an independent medical charity and is co-located with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, a specialist cancer centre located in Greater London.

Ms Claire Strickland, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre CEO, expressed her gratitude to those who have supported the charity over the years and continue to do so. She said: “It’s thanks to donations and money raised by supporters and the public that we have been able to make this level of investment.”

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