Donating in memory of a loved one

Remembering a loved one through in memory donations is a wonderful way to honour a special person during a difficult time. There are many ways you can make a meaningful and lasting tribute to their memory.

Donation methods

Create a JustGiving tribute page

On a JustGiving tribute page friends and family can remember someone special together. You can share photos and messages, and everyone can add their thoughts and memories when they make a donation.


Online donation

To make a one-off donation in memory of a loved one, you can go to our donate page. There is space to tell us in whose memory you are donating. 


In memory donation envelopes

At a funeral or memorial event, you might like to have donation envelopes available for friends and family, for all in memory donations or in lieu of flowers (all envelopes come with the option to Gift Aid). Please call 01923 886315 or e-mail and we can organise this for you or you can contact us from the website.


Downloadable form

Download our donation form. There is space on the forms to tell us in whose memory you are donating.


Donate through Funeral Directors

Please ask your Funeral Director if they are registered with Memory Giving or Love2Donate so they can create a tribute page to remember your friends and family. All donations and gift aid will come directly to us. Your unique link can be shared on your order of service (or anywhere appropriate). 


Regular Giving

If you would like to make a long-lasting tribute on a date that is special to you – perhaps on a birthday or on an anniversary. You can make monthly, quarterly or yearly donations. Please contact us if you would like to receive this form by post.


Jane's Story

Jane’s family have been supporting the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre since March 2005 when her Dad Miles, was diagnosed with cancer. In May that year they took on the Chenies walk. Sadly, he was not well enough to complete the walk and passed away in August. The Chenies walk is now an annual event and continues to raise funds to this day.


No government funding

As an independent medical charity, we receive no government funding and rely on donations from our supporters to fund life-changing medical research and ensure patients have access to leading-edge scanning technology and high-quality care.

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