Fundraising appeals and projects

We receive no government support and donations play a vital role in ensuring we are able to provide our patients with the best possible care. Donations also allow us to support and deliver clinical research which has the potential to transform cancer care long-term.

To donate to a specific fund below, please use the donate button and specify the fund in the comments box, alternatively contact us and we will designate your donation according to your request. 


Breast cancer research

Establishing whole-body MRI as the "gold standard" method for breast cancer patients.

The breast cancer research project proposes using whole body MRIs and new types of blood tests to see if tumours are responding to treatments and more importantly when they stop responding as compared to the current combination of CT scans and bone scans.

Whole body MRI can identify response and resistance to treatments months before CT scans and bone scans which would enable doctors to practice "precision medicine" to giving the right therapy, for the right patient, at the right time for the right duration and allow us to best detect therapy resistance earlier, and open the opportunity to try different sets of treatments. This would allow cancer specialists to change treatments faster, which could potentially improve survival rates.

Money raised so far: £35,000 of £150,000

With thanks to an anonymous donor who left a gift in their will and the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust.

New scanners

We are continually upgrading our scanners and aim to replace each scanner every 3-5 years to keep them as up-to-date as possible. 


In addition to hundreds of individual donations, we've recently been able to complete our drive for a £1.5 million MRI scanner thanks to a very generous legacy donation.


Help raise £2 million for our next PET-CT scanner, which will help us scan more patients more quickly than ever before.


The next CT scanner will be bought in 3-5 years and are therefore prioritising our MRI and PET-CT scanners.

Centre improvements

We are currently looking for donations to fund...

Patient experience equipment

Relax & view light panels – cost £20,000 - £50,000

Designed to flood light into windowless rooms and create a pleasant distraction for patients, these calming image panels reduce the effects of claustrophobia, patient stress and restlessness. The extra light in the scanning rooms will create a feeling of space, which will help in particular nervous and claustrophobic patients to have a much more positive scanning experience and lower anxiety levels. This in turn will reduce patient movement, leading to better image quality, less time in the scanner and fewer repeat scans. It should also reduce the number of appointments cancelled at short-notice by patients who are anxious about having a scan, which means we would be able to scan more patients.

Support our team

Help send our team to attend seminars, conferences and training to improve patient care. 


How we spend your money