Fundraising appeals and projects

We receive no government support and donations play a vital role in ensuring we are able to provide our patients with the best possible care. Donations also allow us to support and deliver clinical research which has the potential to transform cancer care long-term.

To donate to a specific fund below, please use the donate button and specify the fund in the comments box, alternatively contact us and we will designate your donation according to your request. 


Thanks to a generation donation of £2,000 from the Freemasons of Middlesex, plus online donations from supporters, we have secured enough funding to buy four vein finders for the centre.

Vein finders make the process of having injections quicker, less stressful and less painful for our patients.

Patients at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre often need to be cannulated as part of the scanning process. Finding a suitable vein can be a challenging process, particularly with patients who have to undergo regular injections and collapsed veins is a common occurrence. This can be a very difficult procedure for our patients to endure, particularly if the process has to be repeated or redone. 




We've joined forces with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre to carry out life-changing research that could help improve treatment for many of the 3,200 women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the UK every year.

Using our MRI scanners, the EMPIRIC (Exploratory MR Prognostic Imaging markers in Radiotherapy for Cervix Cancer) study will seek to predict which women are less likely to respond well to radiotherapy, allowing their medical teams to save lives by focusing on the most effective treatment options.

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When making your donation online, please leave a message to say you would like it to go towards supporting the EMPIRIC study.

Trusts and foundations that support us

We are very grateful to everyone who supports us

Thank you to Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust, who has supported Paul Strickland Scanner Centre for a number of years. Its ongoing commitment to supporting our critical work is invaluable and we are extremely grateful that it has chosen to continue to generously donate to Paul Strickland Scanner Centre.


Thank you to Arcobaleno Cancer Trust which has given us a grant to help fund an early exploratory research study looking at how MRI scans can predict which cervical cancer patients are likely to respond less well to radiotherapy treatment, identify those patients and then intervene. The study will be conducted in collaboration with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. We were delighted to receive this funding for such an important piece of work which could have significant impact on future sufferers of cervical cancer.

Thank you to The D’Oyly Carte Foundation for awarding Paul Strickland Scanner Centre with a grant to purchase a music licence, music, and equipment. Giving patients the opportunity to listen to their choice of music during lengthy and noisy scans can help to reduce anxiety and make the scanning experience more comfortable. We are grateful to The D’Oyly Carte Foundation for making this possible.


Thank you to the Freemasons of Middlesex for their generous donation to purchase four vein finders. This equipment, funded by the Middlesex Masonic Charity, will help find suitable veins for patients who are being cannulated. Finding a vein when a patient has had multiple injections can be tricky, and the vein finder is a fantastic, portable device which will help to make patients more comfortable. We really appreciate the support from the Freemasons of Middlesex.


Thank you to The Childwick Trust for a grant towards The Plus Fund, a fund set up to enable us to respond to the future needs of our patients. The gift from The Childwick Trust means that when we unexpectedly need to purchase new or replacement equipment, we can react more quickly and make our centre as safe and comfortable for our patients as possible.

Thank you to Sir Samuel Scott of Yews Trust which has made a generous grant towards a vital research study. The EMPIRIC study is in collaboration with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and will explore whether MRI can be used to predict which patients are less likely to respond to brachytherapy treatment. Thank you to all at Sir Samuel Scott of Yews Trust for helping to fund this important piece of research.



Thank you to The Hospital Saturday Fund which provides funding to health charities. We are delighted to have received a grant which will go towards funding a new MRI Power Injector. A much needed piece of equipment which enables contrast to be injected at exactly the right time and flow rate, giving better scan images. We continue to fundraise to meet the cost of this piece of equipment and we are grateful to The Hospital Saturday Fund for their support.


The Hospital Sunday Fund Logo

Thank you to Screwfix Direct Foundation who made a grant towards repainting, refreshing and repairing our patient and staff areas at Paul Strickland Scanner Centre. The centre is now brighter and we hope more welcoming, making patients feel more comfortable while waiting for their scans. We are grateful to the foundation for their generosity.

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Thank you to all our other committed supporters who make our life-changing work for patients possible.


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