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Help us change lives, one scan at a time

Without government funding, donations are crucial to ensuring we can provide the best possible care, using high quality equipment.

One-off donations

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To make a one-off donation in memory of a loved one, you can go to our donate page. There is space to tell us in whose memory you are donating.

Bank Transfer*

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Account number: 40684791 
Sort code: 20-73-53

*Please phone or email us to let us know the reference used when making a transfer.

Donation Form

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Download a donation form and send us a cheque/postal order/CAF voucher (made payable to PSSC) or set up a standing order.

How your donations could help

Help fund a radiographer
Our radiographers do essential work operating our scanners and caring for patients. Your donation could make sure we are able to continue providing this vital service now and in the future.
Help fund a consultant radiologist
All our radiologists are imaging experts, interpreting patients' scan images so that referring doctors can make life changing treatment decisions. Your donation could help fund our in-house radiology team.
Help fund a CT, MRI or PET-CT scan
A donation of £30 could help pay for an MRI, CT or PET-CT scan, which is crucial to diagnosing and monitoring a patient’s condition.
Help fund clinical research
A donation of £40 could pay for an hour spent on clinical research by one of our senior radiographers, helping to improve treatment and therefore the life chances of future cancer patients.
Help fund our CT scanner upgrade
A £100 donation could support our campaign to upgrade our CT scanner, resulting in local patients having access to high-quality scans that could have a life changing impact on their treatment.
Rick Wilmott Fundraiser

Rick Wilmott

Case Study

Rick Wilmott is a committed Paul Strickland Scanner Centre fundraiser, who has secured many thousands in sponsored donations from friends and family members by participating in multiple running events, ranging from 10ks to half marathons.

He says: “Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is a charity close to my heart, as not only did they look after my dad before he passed away, but they are also looking after my mum.”

Dr Jeanette Dickson, consultant and referrer, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Fundraising appeals and projects

Support our fundraising campaigns

At Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, our scans have the ability to transform and save lives but we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to provide exceptional care to our patients. As we receive no government funding, your donations support our ground-breaking research, enable us to offer the latest scanning technology, and provide comfort and help to those we serve. Your gift can make a real impact on the future of the thousands of people we help each year. Below are three appeals where you can direct your gift and make a difference.

The radiologists at the centre focus on extremely complex scans, and the centre benefits from very advanced, up to date scanners and software. This means the centre is at the cutting edge of what can be produced. Paul Strickland Scanner Centre adds enormous value to Mount Vernon because the team is so specialised in cancer imaging.

Research Fund

Our team is actively involved in clinical research to improve early detection of cancer, to ensure patients have the best possible treatments that are right for them and to achieve better outcomes in the fight against cancer. By supporting our clinical research programme, you’re helping to shape a brighter future for patients and their families.

As well as our own in-house research team, we also collaborate with other institutions on research projects. An example of the research we conduct is the EMPIRIC study, which you can read more about below.


We’ve joined forces with Mount Vernon Cancer Centre to carry out life-changing research that could help improve treatment for many of the 3,200 women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the UK every year.

Using our MRI scanners, the EMPIRIC (Exploratory MR Prognostic Imaging markers in Radiotherapy for Cervix Cancer) study will seek to predict which women are less likely to respond well to radiotherapy, allowing their medical teams to save lives by focusing on the most effective treatment options.

Scanner Fund

Donating to our Scanner Fund will make a tangible impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families. By investing in advanced imaging technology and upgrading our existing scanners, we can provide our patient community with access to modern, high-quality scanning equipment.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, in 2022 we replaced MRI scanners with two powerful and cutting-edge scanners. We are now fundraising to replace our PET-CT scanners with a fantastic new machine. The new PET-CT scanner will be capable of scanning more patients than before, will produce higher-definition images and feature artificial intelligence software.

These state-of-the-art machines are critical in producing detailed and high-quality images, which play a crucial role in modern cancer treatment. 

The new MRI scanners have been a game-changer for both staff and patients alike. With faster scan times, increased image quality, and improved patient comfort, we are seeing a significant difference. The impact they are having on patient care is truly remarkable. 

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Plus Fund

Our patients are our priority, but we can’t predict all their future needs. We have launched The Plus Fund to enable us to respond quickly to urgent equipment and resource needs as they arise.

Through the Plus Fund, we can provide vital medical equipment, items to make patients more comfortable and new technology to aid the fight against cancer. We have used the fund to purchase comfort padding which is used to make patients more comfortable during lengthy MRI scans, invested in new privacy screens and repainted and refreshed patient areas to provide a calmer, cleaner environment.

A gift to the Plus Fund is an investment in the health and well-being of our community. Your support will directly benefit the thousands of seriously ill patients who rely on us for help.

Case study:

As part of a major 2022 MRI scanner upgrade in 2022, we installed Relax & View® panels in our scanner rooms. These panels give patients a pleasant distraction during their scan, which can reduce anxiety and therefore improve image quality. The panels were entirely funded by voluntary donations to our Plus Fund.

We keep our overheads low

For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we get back…


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