We’ve joined a pilot study for the Vague Symptoms Pathway (VSP), a programme that could one day lead to a faster diagnosis of cancer for patients.

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Pierre du Bois
21 May, 2021

The programme aims to find the quickest, most efficient way to reach a diagnosis in patients who visit their GP with non-specific symptoms. Although the risk is very low, these “non-specific” symptoms may sometimes be caused by a serious illness, such as cancer. By making a referral under the VSP, a GP can give their patients rapid access to diagnostic tests, including a CT scan, that could help catch cancer earlier. Cherith Desmeules, our Superintendent Radiographer for CT, is leading the project at the centre. She said: “Getting clarity on whether or not someone has cancer early on can not only improve survival but can also avoid a lot of unnecessary anxiety for patients and their loved ones.”

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