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Medical imaging transforms and saves thousands of lives in the UK every year, whether it's by diagnosing conditions accurately early on, or helping doctors choose the correct treatment. As a world-class medical imaging centre, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is at the cutting edge in many areas. For example, we do more whole-body MRI scans than any other facility globally - vital to cancer research and treatment monitoring.

Paul Strickland Scanner Centre is a registered member of the Healthcare Communications Association (HCA) and ascribes to its code of conduct.

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Our communications and fundraising function is headed up by Pierre du Bois. Pierre has a background in journalism, PR and fundraising, with experience in the NHS, health research and cancer charity sectors.

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We're a world-class scanning centre and our clinicians are highly respected in their field. They can confidently speak about medical imaging at the centre, recent advances and research in the field, or about their role in the fight against cancer.

Case studies

Whether you'd like to interview someone who has benefitted from medical imaging (whether personally or in their family) or just need a quote and a picture, please get in touch.